Freestanding Aisle Entrance Doorway

Freestanding Aisle Entrance Doorway


Personally, our favourite way to use our doors is, well, as doors. Use them to create that wow entrance to your ceremony venue especially if you're tying the knot outdoors in an open setting - the doors will help define your ceremony space.


Using our vintage barn doors is a clever way to add that rustic charm to your wedding. 


They will also act as a stunning backdrop for yours and your guests photos. 


The doors are fixed in place and non working but the curtains can be closed to hide the bride before making her entrance. 


Decorate as you wish

Flowers and other props in photo not included.


Curtain Colour

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    This product requires us to assemble and take down, the cost for this will be incorporated into the delivery cost.


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    Each door width 77cm

    Height of door 207cm + 21cm for top beam